Allocation Membership

TURIYA - 2009 3 bottles.jpg
TURIYA - 2009 3 bottles.jpg

Allocation Membership

395.00 every 6 months

Membership to Turiya Wines gives you exclusive access to some of the most rare, optimum red wines, hand-crafted in California. By joining the allocation list, you will have first dibs on these limited releases.

Turiya offers 2 shipments of 4-6 bottles annually: Spring and Fall. Each shipment is $395.00, plus tax and shipping. Shipments include only reds and you will be notified with the option to max out your allocation before the wine is (if) ever released to the public.

Your card will automatically be charged today for the most current release. 

Allocation members also enjoy the following benefits:

-15% off all Turiya wine purchases
-Four complimentary winemaker led, VIP barrel tastings at the winery (per year)
-10% discount on all Turiya merchandise
-First option to purchase large format and library wines and max allocation
-VIP pricing on winery events

All bottles are screen printed in 24k gold, hand bottled, hand dipped in wax, and signed by the winemaker.