All wines are only available by joining the allocation list.  You will be given a password to access the wine shop and have first option to maximize your purchase when future wines are released.  Turiya wines are not distributed.

Bottles are screenprinted in 24k gold.

Current Releases

You can still enjoy these before they are gone forever.  Order and cellar wisely.

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2009 Hither, Central Coast


Emily Bronte wrote some love stories with coercive and alluring words, drawing you into her dreams and playing the parts of passionate individuals.  This one beckons you just as those characters, inviting, enticing, inspiring, with up-front flavors of raspberry, plum and cherry inviting the front of your mouth and your mind to go deeper and darker letting the chocolaty earth unravel and unfold and reveal itself to you.  Don't you want some?  Come hither.

Blend: 65%Petite Verdot / 35% Malbec ~ Solana Vineyard, Paso Robles

Limit One Case Per Person ~ 98 cases produced

2009 Malbec, Solana Vineyard


You can be proud of your swag if you’ve got this beauty in your collection.  This Paso delight follows tradition, (my tradition) gentle and nuanced with sexy, thick, dark, briery tones that make your mouth water.  Drenched with flavors of raspberry mocha that continually evolve in your glass.  I am salivating as I write this.  Great food wine to try with lamb chops or a zesty pasta dish.  Get your swag on.

Limit One Case Per Person ~ 36 cases produced

2009 Petite Verdot, Solana Vineyard


Drink me.  Alice in Wonderland style... dark and alluring yet, obvious berries that were tossed and turned, crushed and nurtured by a woman's hand.  This potion will make you feel big, hopefully it won't put your head through the roof.

Limit Two Cases Per Person ~ 49 cases produced


These wines are no longer for sale.  If they are part of your wine library, well, aren't you a lucky one...


2008 Perpetual Bliss, Camp 4 Vineyard

You know you want it. Try this sexy blend of Syrah and Cabernet Sauvignon and see if it can take you there, with flavors of blackberry, cassis and chocolate, interlaced with the delicateness of Elton John's  Tiny Dancer.  She lingers on and on seemingly perpetually providing bliss upon your tongue.  Enjoy.

Blend: 60% Cabernet Sauvignon 40% Syrah ~ Camp 4 Vineyard

46 cases produced - SOLD OUT!

2008 Syrah, Camp 4 Vineyard

100% free run juice, separated from the skins of the grape after crush but before pressing.  The delicate juice was barreled for 36 months in newer French oak, giving this wine a luxurious, soft mouth-feel.  Exuding tones of blackberry, dried figs and the underside of the earth.  Get your hands on this one if you can. 

Blend: 100% Syrah ~ Camp 4 Vineyard

24 cases produced - SOLD OUT!

2008 Cabernet Sauvignon, Camp 4 Vineyard

This is a firecracker of a wine.  Lively and enticing, vibrant flavors of cedar and boysenberry, it is sexy like leather and lace.  Extremely aggressive, extremely age worthy.  I tried to tame this little bitch with extra aging in barrel but she is a fickle beast and didn't like that much, so take her home and try her there.  She is my prized beauty.  Really good.  Really f*ing good.

Blend: 100% Cabernet Sauvignon ~ Camp 4 Vineyard

26 cases produced - SOLD OUT!