2012 Merlot, Amivida Vineyard

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2012 Merlot, Amivida Vineyard

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Here is a wine dedicated to all the broken hearts out there - don’t get down, love is on it’s way! 4 years of barrel aging on this gorgeous wine was well worth it; and so will be your next great love.  Sometimes heartbreak is perpetuating; pushing us into the light where we really belong; the darkest part of day is always just before dawn - right?  This one helped me get through the night.  Maybe it can help you too.  Soft, supple and jammy. 

Blend: 100% Merlot, Amivida Vineyard Paso AVA

Turiya Wines 4th Vintage
Harvest: November 2012
Brix 23.6

Alcohol 14.2%

PH 3.63

6 day cold soak

10 day low temperature fermentation

2 times racked

44 month barrel aging

50% one time used French Oak, 50% new French Oak

Un-fined, unfiltered.

6 month bottle aged before release.

Hand bottled, hand waxed. 24k gold screen-printed bottles.

Recommended drinking window 2016 - 2026

Only 40 cases produced

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Once upon a time, Hollywood made a movie about wine and influenced many-a-wine-drinker to steer away from this beautiful and classic grape.  In California, Merlot was replaced with Pinot Noir and several wineries stopped making Merlot, grafting over their vines with other more popular varietals.  

Turiya did not adopt this mentality.  Turiya remains a firm believer in Merlot’s classic elegance and refuses to follow the trends.  Remember each grape (pinot too!) can stand alone and shine given the proper nurturing in the vineyard and in the cellar.  I scoured the lands to find this beauty and I am so happy to have done so for out of the entire 2012 lineup, I have already chosen this as my coveted favorite.  It’s a guaranteed showstopper.