2012 Petit Verdot, Solana Vinyard

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2012 Petit Verdot, Solana Vinyard

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If you are looking for consistency, the Petit Verdot is where it's at.  This grape, year after year is the most consistent varietal that I've worked with and it impresses me every time.  This vintage holds a bit more tannin than the last few but still has the same lovely tones of blueberry, baking spices, lavender and hints of crushed violets.  I hear Stevie Wonder in my head as I drink this: "isn't she lovely...isn't she wonderful"

Blend: 100% Petit Verdot, Amivida Vineyard ~ Paso Robles AVA

23 cases produced

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Turiya Wines 2012 Vintage Harvest Date: November 5th, 2012
100% Amivida Vineyard, Paso Robles AVA
Brix 22.9
12.6 % Alc. PH 3.45
6 day cold soak
10 day low temperature fermentation
Soft press, separating free run from pressed juice.
48 month barrel aging, once used French Oak barrels.
Unfined, unfiltered.
12 months bottle aging before release.
Hand bottled, hand waxed.
24k gold screen-printed bottles. Signed by the Winemaker.

When you think of Bordeaux most think of Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot.  Petit Verdot seemingly lost it’s chance at popularity; rarely taking credit as a heady driving force behind some of the greatest wines in the world. Until now.
Here in California winemakers have the freedom to make what we like on an individual basis. I believe each and every grape can stand alone, showing it’s individuality. I also believe each one can lean on one another just as humans do, and there is no reason to restrict this. Often the minor players are forgotten beauties, in which case I feel obligated to create my very own.  Enjoy.