2014 Sangiovese, Stolpman Vineyard


2014 Sangiovese, Stolpman Vineyard

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Mission to Mars - we've landed! This vintage of Sangiovese is an unearthly surprise, exploding with rustic tones of dried cranberry, rose petal, rhubarb, brisket and brown sugar and has built in essence of Martian soil: red, mineral - dare I say, iron-rich clay.  Sound interesting? It is! I promise this one will be a smash at your backyard barbecues.  Its vibrantly charming, juicy and delicious. Enjoy this version of Mars - right here on Earth.  

Blend: 100% Sangiovese, Stolpman Vineyard, Ballard AVA, SYV

48 cases produced ~ 576 bottles

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Turiya Wines 5th Vintage
Harvest Date: August 29th, 2014
100% Stolpman Vineyard, Ballard Canyon AVA
Brix 22.3
13.9% Alc. PH 3.45
4 day cold soak
10 day low temperature, natural fermentation
Soft press, separating free run from pressed juice.
48 month barrel aging, one time used French Oak barrels.
Un-fined, unfiltered.
6 months bottle aging before release.
Hand bottled, hand waxed. 24k gold screen-printed bottles. Signed by the Winemaker. 

Drinking window: now through 2026

A little extra:

Stolpman vineyard is one of the best vineyards in the entire Santa Ynez Valley (certainly for Sangiovese).  With south-facing slopes the first few feet of earth are a composition of alluvial, clay soil and just below that is a bed of limestone.  This fertile clay cradled in limestone creates the perfect condition for the clay to hold water allowing for primarily dry-farmed fruit as well as keeping the ground temperatures nice and cool. This means the vines self-regulate better than sites without this built-in underground water and cooling supply and allows the grapes to grow in a consistent manner even during the drought years.  2014 was a drought year and harvest came about 6 weeks early - the earliest harvest to date for the Turiya Sangiovese but the grapes came in perfectly perfect, as usual.  So, what’s coming next Mother Nature?  I dare you - bring it!