Turiya Wines 10th Year - From 2008 to 2018


Time to Celebrate

My journey thus far.

Thankful isn’t quite the word. Grateful is probably closer. The overwhelming feeling of accomplishment I get when I think of the hard work it has taken to enter the wine business as a single mom with no prior winemaking experience. The appreciation for the losses in my life that led me to wine. The paths of creativity my endeavors have led me down. The lifelong friendships Turiya has cultivated and all the moments I am part of when Turiya is shared with you and yours. Thank you. I am so grateful.


Ten years. This is the longest work relationship I have ever had. When I started this business my children were just 5 and 12. I was edging toward 30 and confident AF. I knew I was exactly where I was supposed to be in life. I still feel that. I remember dragging the kids along to vineyards up and down the Central Coast and the winery after school to do the last punchdowns of the day. They never seemed to mind. In fact, Trenton, my son, really enjoyed (and still does) doing punchdowns and smelling and describing the wine. My daughter, Veronica, is proud of me (I think ;)) for building this little business all on my own, for not giving up when those little moments of doubt creep in. Believe me, they do. I am proud of myself for sharing my story with others and proving that dreams are meant to be followed, yet respected. That being privy to the lifestyle of a winemaker isn’t all fermentation and glamour; it is being part of a community, it is paying attention to social responsibility and giving back and not taking anything for granted. My journey is worthwhile, and has now become my identity. When my bottles make it to your dinner table, I am there in spirit. I will always be Turiya - Turiya will always be me and THAT makes me grateful.


Let’s look forward to celebrating another ten years from now. I’ll be close to 50 then… what a prospect ;) In the meantime…

I will be hosting a 10th Anniversary Library Event December 15th from 1-3.

I know there are several people who still have the first vintage in the cellar. Before you open it, you can join in on a fun, exploratory tasting of the 2008 vintage wines from my personal cellar. RSVP here as the wine is limited. This event starts promptly at 1pm.

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