2008 Syrah, Camp 4 Vineyard

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2008 Syrah web.png

2008 Syrah, Camp 4 Vineyard

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24 cases produced

100% free run juice, separated from the skins of the grape after crush but before pressing.  The delicate juice was barreled for 36 months in newer French oak, giving this wine a luxurious, soft mouth-feel.  Exuding tones of blackberry, dried figs and the underside of the earth.  Get your hands on this one if you can. 

Blend: 100%Syrah ~ Camp 4 Vineyard

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All bottles are screenprinted in 24k gold

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This was a fun experiment for me.  I'd heard that you could separate something called 'free run', which is the juice that settles as the bottom of the fermentation bin, into barrels without it ever being pressed.  As a female winemaker, striving for a delicate flavor in my wine, I chose to put as much free run in barrel as possible.  In the end I had one barrel of free run and one barrel of pressed Syrah.  What a difference in flavor and texture!  I'd used the same winemaking practices otherwise (yeast, barreling etc.) but the mouth-feel and flavor components in the two wines were incredibly different.  The beastliness of Syrah was tamed by this delicate handling, and by preventing any pressing of the grape it had moderately lesser extraction of tannins.  The nuances are there though.  It carries such complexity and intrigue that I can't imagine wanting to produce a pure Syrah any other way.  I hope you like it!