From the winemaker - pretty, shiny things...

Hello wine friends,

Years ago when I worked at Consilience a tall Englishman walked into the place looking a bit lost.  If you know me, you may know I fall in love pretty quickly, especially with the 'lost puppy' type. Well, I probably pushed some other girl out of the way and walked over to him to see what he needed.  'Wine bottles' he replied, 'I'm looking for beautiful wine bottles'. 

He explained to me that he crafted chandeliers out of recycled wine bottles.  He showed me a few pictures.  Ah, an artist, I thought... and so I volunteered to run around town and collect pretty bottles for him.  We made a date for the next time he would be around.  I promised him a nice collection.

Greg, the fantastically tall, incredibly handsome, crafty and artistic chandelier-maker, came back to town periodically and grabbed his bottles.  Eventually I left Consilience and went to work for myself.  One day I got a text from Greg that he was in town.  I only had a moment to stop and see him and give him a 'HALF-FULL' version of the prettiest bottle I had ever seen, my own.

Greg recently surprised me by including a Turiya wine bottle in one of his gorgeous chandeliers.  And now I think I have to have one of these made for the winery.  Oh how I love pretty, shiny things...

Custom creation with a 24k gold screenprinted Turiya wine bottle glowing alongside some other collectables!