Why wine is the new black

Like Black Plague?
Remember the Dark Ages?  Well, you probably don’t actually remember them like they were yesterday but here is a neat little historical fact - wine was the preferred drink during the Dark Ages due to water contamination.  What sounds better to you, wine or the Black Plague?

What about prison?
Ok so wine can be an ice-breaker.  Ever go to someone’s house empty handed?  Ever show up with a good bottle of wine and blow everyone away with your suave demeanor?  You don’t want to be the scared version of Taylor Schilling in Orange is the New Black and run from your confrontations.  Instead, pretend it is day one of prison orientation - be a boss and bring a bottle of wine.

How new-classic can you get?
That is up to you.  You are the game changer.  You are the trend setter.  Think of all the things you consider classic from cars to that little black dress.   What about wine?  Stay classy but be the first to know, first to discover and drink what you find to be the new best thing - Turiya.  Then, spread the word.

Happy New Year