Hello Turiya lovers!

I can't thank you enough for your constant support.  You, my special friends, are all part of the Turiya story now.  Sharing my experiences with you is one of the best parts of my day and I would like to share a challenging situation I recently encountered at a wine event.  As a young female winemaker and small business owner, my stories can be quite unique! I do suggest pairing this one with a bottle of the 2009 Malbec. Here we go...

I recently poured wine at an event and, after it was over, I left the cases of wine unattended while getting a cart to move them.  While gone for those few minutes an attendee of the event decided to help herself to those cases of wine, opening them up and stealing some bottles. When I was alerted to this person stealing my wine, my babies, I ran up to her and well - let's just say I lost my cool.  The bottles were recovered but the altercation has left me feeling a little depressed. 

I have heard of wine being stolen, especially the collectable wines from high end producers such as Domaine de la Romanee Conti, Screaming Eagle and the like.  Sadly thievery is more common than the small incident I endured.  Here is a recent story about thieves who stole wine from the French Laundry in Napa and other high-end restaurants. 

What have I learned from this?  Sadly that some people look for opportunities to take advantage of others.  I have also learned that I cannot EVER leave my wine unattended, even for a moment.  It's good stuff, how can I blame her for WANTING it?  Shoot, I guess it's flattery in some weird way.  The incident has caused an uprising of pride for the wines. 

Anyway, I have made the promise to you, my treasured friends, to share these experiences... the highs and the lows of being where I am today with my business.  I can't 'wine' to much though; things are getting to be a but more predictable as I move into my 7th year of business.  I'll be bottling the 2011's this coming week and look forward to the release of these beauties in November.

I hope to see you soon and catch up in person - perhaps one of these events?  I think I could use a few more eyes watching the babies - after all they say it takes a village, right?  ;)


Why wine is the new black

Like Black Plague?
Remember the Dark Ages?  Well, you probably don’t actually remember them like they were yesterday but here is a neat little historical fact - wine was the preferred drink during the Dark Ages due to water contamination.  What sounds better to you, wine or the Black Plague?

What about prison?
Ok so wine can be an ice-breaker.  Ever go to someone’s house empty handed?  Ever show up with a good bottle of wine and blow everyone away with your suave demeanor?  You don’t want to be the scared version of Taylor Schilling in Orange is the New Black and run from your confrontations.  Instead, pretend it is day one of prison orientation - be a boss and bring a bottle of wine.

How new-classic can you get?
That is up to you.  You are the game changer.  You are the trend setter.  Think of all the things you consider classic from cars to that little black dress.   What about wine?  Stay classy but be the first to know, first to discover and drink what you find to be the new best thing - Turiya.  Then, spread the word.

Happy New Year


From the winemaker - private tastings

Hello wine world,

Due to an increase in winery traffic and with harvest right around the corner, private tastings have been a little harder to manage when it comes to on-the-fly tasters.   Since I absolutely LOVE showing the wines but needed a better way to schedule these in-depth tastings, I have opted to work with an online reservation system to take appointments and decided to offer two types of wine tasting experiences, although I truly believe each and every time you visit me the tasting experience will be one-of-a-kind.

Here are the details for scheduling your private tasting

General Wine Tasting - $15

Each year I create a red wine blend, carefully selecting the grape varietals that will make up that years cuvee... Taste the individual grape varietals and the blends they create in this fun exploratory tasting.

Great for returning customers or people who want to explore Turiya Wines most current offerings. $15 tasting fee waived with wine purchase. This flight offers up a tasting of the three wines that make up an entire vintage!

Private tasting with the winemaker - $25

Enjoy a private barrel tasting (only your group) in the barrel room with me!  I take you on an wine evolution, explaining what processes were used to create the wines, and show you how wines taste throughout the aging process. You will experience three different barrel samples and two finished wines.

I am currently pouring the 2009 vintage which includes the 2009 Hither, Central Coast, a blend of Petit Verdot and Malbec, as well as the 2009 Petit Verdot, Solana Vineyard (Paso AVA), and the 2009 Malbec, Solana Vineyard.

Hope to see you soon!