Down time? Nah...

For my patient readers… I bet you wonder what I have been up to since harvest ended in early December.  Well, honestly I did do that whole ‘holidays’ thing, but right after that was over I am right back in the game!  Topping barrels, moving them around (or should I say organizing), and spending lots of money.  Writing checks is a big part of being a winemaker.  I have been writing checks for three years now and have all these amazing barrels of wine to taste through… wow, what fun!

I recently wrote checks for my bottles.  That was a nice one.  As some know my bottles are big, heavy and going to be screenprinted with 22k gold for the label.  I know, spare no expense!  Well, I believe that my wine should be housed in an equal vessel compared to what is on the inside of the bottle.  Do you agree?

Next up is the cork order.  I am trying to think of some clever print to put on the cork itself.  A treat if you will for the consumer.  Yes, more than just my phone number… who wants that anyways?

So, still working, still having fun, and still very, very excited.