2009 Hither, Central Coast

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2009 Hither, Central Coast

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This one beckons you, inviting, enticing, inspiring, with up-front flavors of raspberry, plum and cherry inviting the front of your mouth and your mind to go deeper and darker letting the chocolaty earth unravel and unfold and reveal itself to you.  Don't you want some?  Come hither.

Blend: 65% Petite Verdot & 35% Malbec ~ Solana Vineyard, Paso Robles

Limit Two Cases Per Person ~ 98 cases produced

10% case discount per wine only; not valid on mix and match cases

All bottles are screenprinted in 24k gold

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36 months, once used French Oak Barrels

1 year bottle aging

The dark, mid-palate flavors that come through from the Petite Verdot meld into place just right with the chocolatey-cherry flavors of the Malbec.  It's a tasting fantastma.  Don't miss out!  Get it while you can.