In defense of perfection

If you know me, you know that I do things a little bit differently.  I think it is about time to reflect a bit on why I do.  It's about perfection.  It's about my personality.  It's about pride, integrity, passion and respect.  So listen...

Wine isn't made overnight

Even if you want it to be.  Wine is a slow process of evolution.  I like to compare it to coral reef - it is alive, it grows REALLY SLOWLY but the conditions are relevant.  If humans touch it, the coral literally dies.  Wine is like that.  It is ever-evolving, growing on a micro-level and ultra sensitive.  Wine has a lifespan.  It doesn't last forever but hey, it doesn't mean that when it's a toddler you put it out on the streets and say - good luck!  No, a toddler needs help and so does wine... after it ferments, it goes through a secondary fermentation.  Think puberty.  Ok, maybe it's beautiful but is it mature??  Nope.  It still needs more time and depending on the grape (or your child's personality), it may need more time.  So far I haven't had a wine that wanted to leave home before it was ready ;)

Wine has needs

It needs quiet. 

It needs darkness.

It needs to be still.

It needs love and care.

It needs to be drank.

This isn't meant to be a poem... as much as I like to write about wine. 

Wine isn't beer... but if it were

Mine would be a big, rich, velvety, stout - not Acme Lite. The other day I was talking to a fellow vintner about fermentation.  He prefers to rush the process (high temp ferment, press and bottle) and get it on the market so he can sell it as fast as possible. He felt aging doesn't make a big difference (I beg to differ), nor does a cool fermentation (which keeps aromas and flavor compounds intact rather than evaporating).  I told him how my low-temp fermentation and long-time aging was necessary for me to produce a QUALITY wine.  Not just quality but something that is treasured by my fans: a true world-class wine, made with love.  In the end, it is a business; I understood my fellow vintners idea when it comes to that.  It's economics... but (in my opinion) wine is an art, and most of us get into making it because we want to feel proud of what we craft - not because we wanted a product like Acme Lite.  Slowly, I have seen opportunists enter this realm, overly-romanticizing the lifestyle of a winemaker and thinking it is a sure-fire way to make a quick million.  I promise, it is romantic, but it will not make you a million.  Overall, it's all about personal preferences so if you like those Acme brand wines or can't tell the difference, keep on drinking it - for me, I'll take my sincerely, hand-crafted beauties and enjoy them for the coveted wines they are. 

What about you?


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I am a lucky gal...lucky to have such amazing wines available to me anytime - and if you are reading this - you do too!  If you didn't get everything you wanted this year, don't get the after-Christmas-blues - treat yourself!  You deserve it!!

  Now that you've taken care of everyone else -  be sure you take care of YOU! 

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Happy Spoiling!


I've made it and you can too! Turiya Wines featured in The Winemakers Primer

Hey Everybody!

I must tell you, even at wine events I get a lot of surprise when I announce that I am the owner and winemaker of Turiya Wines.   Perhaps it is my staggeringly youthful appearance ;) (credit to drinking red wine of course), or that I am a single mother.  Who knows?  I have a sneaking feeling that I am not the typical image that has played over in the mind's eye of the wine drinking crowd:  I do not come from money, no, my family was never in the business - except on the migrant farm-working side of it, and before I was 25, I didn't like wine.  The truth is much simpler.  I had a glass that I fell in love with and for me, love is a big deal.

This story is often inspiring.  We can all relate to love right?  But I want to be honest - love doesn't pay the bills.  Building a winery (or any business) is a lot of work, it is very expensive and can be a frightening to pull the trigger on.  It is highly competitive but also highly rewarding.  I believe most winery owners are wine drinkers first and I've been approached by several of my inspired fans to help them get into the industry. 

I'm excited to tell these fans that there is now a book that covers some of the most vital questions if you are truly considering starting up a winery. Turiya Wines is featured in the newly released book called The Winemakers Primer which is now sold on Amazon.  The book is a straightforward, Q and A format, asking a variety of winery owners how they got into the business and the variety business models including the thoughts behind them.  I encourage anyone who is considering jumping into the business to grab a copy of this book.

Happy reading ~


Angela Soleno

Turiya Wines - Owner and Winemaker


Turiya fans,

Although I love technologies and the wave of the future, including the internet, there are times when I get bummed that life isn't as organic as it used to be.  As you may know, I don't like to add chemicals to wine I make, I don't even like to filter it.  I enjoy the true, raw, natural flavors that are found in each grape, each vineyard site, each barrel, and each vintage.  I run the entire business with the same concept - I do not pay to have wine reviewed, I do not pay for Yelp advertising so that I can show up first on a competitors page.  I don't manipulate my brand.  Why would I do that?  Just to get ahead?  No.  Remember it is about quality, not quantity. 

Here is my rant - Yelp, when it began was all about consumer reviews.  It was when consumers had gained the ability to say how they feel about a place (and sometimes even a person) in an online community.  It was the best word of mouth advertising businesses could find in the ever-evolving (like wine!) world we live in.   Now, I am not against Yelp and find it to be very effective for both end users, however as a grass-roots organization my business relies solely on real reviews, and good ones!  As proactive as I have been there have only been a handful (literally 6) reviews published on Yelp.  Today I discovered there are 2 more 5 star reviews that Yelp won't publish.  That means that 25% of users who review my site have been hidden.  Not a big deal right?  (As I was told by a Yelp employee).  Wrong.  I like the reviews and they are legitimate - so I figured I would publish them myself.  Screw Yelp and their algorithms.

Thanks Gina and Steve!

Gina R.

Lompoc, CA



Very good wine will come back and bring my family and friends very bold snd smooth I am the type of person that likes sweet and fruity ones but this one is actually very good and tasty


steve v.

Oceano, CA



The wine is top notch! Where else do you get to meet the person responsible for every bottle. Love the Syrah and Perpetual bliss, limited amounts made and very good! Definitely recommend calling and making reservations for tastings, you won't regret it.

If you want to challenge Yelp and write a review that may or may not get published, click here!