Using my senses

Production Style

At Turiya I only make red wine.  I strive to bring it from the vineyard to the bottle with minimal intervention; giving the grapes my gentle touch and watchful eye, ears, nose and mouth.

Here is what happens:

The pick is decided ~

The day of harvest is crucial.  Timing is everything.  I watch the sugars and the acids, hoping for the perfect balance but I find that walking down the rows of vines, chewing and tasting the grapes is what really tells me if I can pick or not.  The end goal is to have phenolically ready fruit but not overripe berries.  I want the acids to balance the wine and I don't want too much alcohol I am often picking on the early side.

Acid ~

This is a big deal for me.  I want balance in wine.  The first wine I had (that I enjoyed) was a Chianti.  It had great balance.  It was made for food.  And just like that first wine that left me with such an impression that I dropped everything and went straight into the wine-world - I hope to create wine that is balanced, food friendly and ageable.

Additions ~

I can't say I don't add anything to my wine.  I have.  I have innoculated with yeast strains from Bordeaux, I acidify and I feed my grapes some nutrients before fermentation begins to ensure a 'healthy' fermentation.  One thing I am really against is the common use of sulfur.  I try to distance myself from this as much as possible; hence my use of acid.  Bacteria and other bugs cannot grow in an highly acidic environment.

Aging ~

Ah, my signature move.  I love aged wines.  Wine with layers and layers of development.  I age all Turiya Wines for at least 36 months in once used French Oak barrels then another year to year and a half in the bottle before they are released.  Talk about dedication!  These wines are big mouthful's of flavor, yet elegant and nuanced. 

Racking, Fining and Filtering

Generally I don't do it.  I might rack a wine once or never in it's lifetime.  I don't fine or filter because I believe that I would be removing flavor and structure from the wine.  Murky wine is beautiful.

My goal as a winemaker is to inspire and remind consumers that wine is an art, an expression, and a level of harmony in our lives.  I strive to make wines that will help people remember why they fell in love with wine in the first place, to mark an experience or simply to enjoy. 

Angela - Owner and Winemaker